Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Strong analytical and problem solving skills

Skills and Strengths
1.9 years work experience on PCBA assembly process .
2.Full skill on SMT Process such as solder paste storage and control procedure ,make stencil , pick/place , reflow
3.Full work experience on COB ,heat stack , conformal coating , under fill , dipping, hot bar , laser soder , POP . BGA re-work and Re-ball . process, ACF , UV light
4.Full knowledge on IPC -610-E , Save on Your Wedding-Part IPC -7525 , IPC-7711A-7721A, IPC-A-600G
5.Strong leadership, communication and coordination skills
6.full Skill on outlook ,Word, Exel, Powerpoint. , http://www.findadeath.com/forumCAM350 , AutoCAD .Over 18 years working experiences as a facilities engineer, supervisor and manager;http://foroitaca.edu.gva.es
Extensive experiences in facilities operation field
Solid project management background
Proficient in financial knowledge
Honest, self-motivated person, and capable of taking up a challenging job and multiple tasks independently. http://forum.endless-online.com
Having a good command in communication and interpersonal skills.
Good command in English To obtain a consultant position in Banking or Financial Service projects that utilizesChoose A Wedding Florist my technical background,Some Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding skills and working experience to bring contribution and value to business. Experienced in IT service delivery and project management, especially in Perfect Wedding Dresses banking and financial market project;
? Extensive mainframe application development and support experience;
? Exceptional customer service orientation, http://forums.startsampling.comability to manage client relationships;
? Strong analytical and problem solving skills;
? Strong leadership, communication and consulting interpersonal skillshttp://forums.akella-online.ru

Totally 5 years working experience in Insurance institution

1. Over 6 years experience as a department supervisor, including 3 years as a software team supervisor;
2. Experience in managing Sub-BU for networking products in ASUS. Including 7 managers and more than 1700 employees.
3. Experience in managing Product Engineering Department with over 400 E.E. Engineers
4. Over 4 years experience in project management;
5. Good ability in project analysis, Wedding Planning cleverjoe design and management;
6. Experienced in integrating factory needs with information technology;
7. Creative, proactive, Own Personalized Wedding Card dynamic and reliable; and
8. Good team work sprite and quick leaner. http://www.i-mockery.com/forum Totally 5 years working experience in Insurance institution, have solid knowledge of contact center management, data analyzing and business analyzing. http://secure.tradezone.com/ITbb
As a Business Analyst I involved in various business projects and helped the organization to achieve cost-effective production & services with increased quality, efficiency, security and customer’s satisfication.
Familiar with contact center system and resourcing features(Eg: Genesys, Avaya, Nortel,Holly, Aspect,Wintness,WFM)
Rich knowledge iExtensive knowledge of international trading; logistics professional and familiar with the management of supply chain; High personal integrity and strong commitment to ethical behavior;Choosing Flowers By Season Respond well in high-pressure atmosphere. ?7+ years work experience on PCBA assembly process .
?Full knowledge of SMT such as solder paste ,Best Wedding Venue
stencil , pick/place http://julius.sourceforge.jp/forum, reflow . IPC -610-D ,
?Familiar with knowledge of RoHS and WEEE . 8D-report ,
?Strong leadershiphttp://www.mickm.com/forum, communication and coordination skills
?Skilled in outlook ,Word, Exel, Powerpoint. ,CAM350 , AutoCAD .http://www.tradezone.com/ITbb

FramemakerExperienced in supporting senior management team in MNC

Senior SOC architect with 6+ years working experience and rich project leading experience in a famous international IC company. Fluent english.Very proactive and selfmotivated.
I'm looking for a design/architect position relative to on-chip interconnect,memory controller,performance evaluation or complex IP.
Skills and Strengths
- Experienced with digital design of asynchronous on chip interconnect framework including bus bridge (OCP, AXI, AHB, XB06, etc.)http://forum.santeonline.nl , FIFO, splitter/arbiter, flow control, power saving modes, etc. Experienced with interconnect performance improvement techniques such as out-of-order transaction, outstanding transaction, burst split, cached read, posted write, http://www.sfidboard.com rate adaption, size conversion etc.
- Strong soft skills for SOC project leading. Good at project plan, risk control, execution quality and flow innovation.http://fmnorge.com/forum
- Proficient in IP and SOC verification methodologies including Specman eRM based coverage driven verification, wedding dress details andy SystemC basedpretty Wedding Bouquet ESL and RTL co-simulation, PSL Assertion, Hardware/Software Co-verification and property check based formal verification. Experienced with complex SOC verification and Testpattern environment setup.
- Experienced with Unix scripting, Clearcase, LSF and configuration management.
- Experienced in wireless modem algorithms Matlab simulation and RTL implementation in ALTERA FPGA.wedding cakes lily
- Tools: Arteris FlexNoC, Vast CoMet, http://www.gossiprocks.com/forumSpecman, Modelsim, Spyglass, Onespin, SystemC, VHDL/Verilog, Perl/Shell/Tcl, FramemakerExperienced in supporting senior management team in MNCWedding Dresses With Modern Twists
Familiar with office management and good at vendor maintenance
Fluent English both oral and written
Communication and organization skill and patient enough for details
Good PC skills (excelhttp://forum.sharereactor.ru, powerpoint and familiar with Lotus Notes)
Able to work independent

Friday, July 23, 2010

towards a sincere and loyal commitment

Hard working and willing to take responsibility. Good communication skill and marketing skill. Full experience in marketing apparatus such as
ATL/ BTL and research.
Career Objective:chi flat iron
Hope to be more professional in marketing field, to achieve high sales goal through effort and reach good achiement.6 years in government;fully understand the operation of government relating to foregin investmentcheap wedding gowns 4 years in MNC; shape leadership in public affairs and government affairs at MNCs. Reference to your web advertisements, I take this opportunity to contact you to explore career opportunities.chi hair straightener
I am a CFO/FC, working here in China with some 20 years of extensive financial experience to offer.
These include some 9 years of high-level executive and Asia pacific experiences.
I feel that my China exposures, language and professional skills would be an asset in this role.
Lately due to corporate directive decisions and changes,
I am now actively looking forhair straighteners
Career Objective:
Objectivecheap prom dresses: To utilize my diverse expertise with a vision to achieve, excel and accomplish individual excellence with collective strength, towards a sincere and loyal commitment.my code here
open your eye
the love of my life

ERP Support Center

7 years purchasing experiences in multinational company;
Rich experience at material sourcing, driving and inventory management;
Familiar with BOM cost analysis, price negotiation;
Strong knowledge of MRP (SAP R/3);casual wedding dresses
Good project management skill and communication skill.l People management, Solution provider and customer management;
l Having 28 years work experience, with 18 years project management experience and 10 years people management experience
l New department build up such as Software Development Department, ERP Support Center, Outsourcing and oversee branch setup;
l Business consulting including of preparation of solutions, proposals and statements of work related services offerings
l Ability to implement organizational strategies. ability to lead My strength is in accounting and finance management for US multinational companies with operations in China. I have experiences with wholly owned subsidiariesbeach wedding dresses and equity joint ventures. I have been working in the capacity cheap wedding dressesas director of finance for a multiwedding dresses-million dollar US textile manufacturing company. I have also worked in thecheap evening dresses capacity as chief accounting officer for a US publicly traded company and worked as consultant for companies serving US mass merchants and OEM manufacturers.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

IN PICTURES: Spectacular Supernovas

Stars are born in dense clouds of dusttomorrow is another day and gas, and while jets of gas have been spotted coming from young stars, the process of how a star uses this gas to disperse surrounding debris and emerge from itssilence hill birth cloud has not been understood.This latest discovery byHerschel, an infrared space telescope built by the European Space Agency, may be an unexpected step in the star-forming process.
A cloud of bright, reflective gas, knownnever take our Freedom to astronomers as NGC 1999, is located next to a black patch of sky. For most of the 20th century, these black patches were understood to be dense clouds of dust and gas that block light that would normally pass through.
As Herschel's infrared eye looked incelebrate our independence day the direction of NGC 1999 to study nearby young stars, the cloud continued to look black, even though the telescope's infrared technology is designed to penetrateWhere will life take you? through such dense cloud material. This meant that either the cloud was immensely dense, or Herschel had happened upon a previously unexplained phenomenon.Astronomers continued their investigation using ground-based telescopes and found the same results when looking at the patch of gas. This led to the conclusion that the patch looks black not because it is an extremely dense pocket of gas, but because it is truly empty – something had blown a hole through the cloud.The astronomers think the hole must have been opened when the narrow jets of gas from some of the young stars in the region punctured the sheet of dust and gas that forms NGC 1999. The powerful radiation from a nearby mature star may have also helped to create the hole, researchers said
Whatever the exact cause of the hole may be, the discovery may be an important glimpse into the way newborn stars shake off their birth clouds that helps astronomers develop a better understanding of the entire star-forming process, researchers said.Herschel is the largest and most powerful infrared telescope in space today. The European Space Agency launched the observatory into orbit in May 2009.http://forum.melbournebeats.com

Which matters most to the 'tea party': win seats or reshape GOP?

"This kind of insurgency is muchvaguely familiar to you
more unusual than, say, [the Reagan revolution or the Gingrich revolution]," says Charles Franklin, a political scientist at thea world in a grain of sand University of Wisconsin, in Madison. "You have a sort of classic establishment view that you're about getting the seats [in Congress] and that's what grown-up leaders in Washington worry about [versus] this very intense amateur movement, but one that believes in Make youself a better personsomething."A rightward turn in the party may complicate the task of Senator Cornyn, who heads the committee to help Republican senators get elected. Some Whatever happens,happens for a reasonof his GOP colleagues, Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina among them, have anointed "tea party" challengers to establishment Republicans.the gateway to a world
(Senator DeMint refused to endorse Bennett in Utah and picked Rubio in Florida. DeMint says he'd rather "stand with a committed minority than a big-tent majority," according to the Associated Press.)Electability is Cornyn's top concern. "My goal is simply to build our numbers so we can provide checks and balances to single-party power here in Washington," Cornyn told the AP on Monday. "I think [DeMint] has a different goal, which is to try to move the Republican conference in a more conservative direction. If that were possible and we were able to win elections all around the country, I would be all for it, but I think as a pragmatic matter we've got to nominate Republicans who can get elected in their states."Dozens of House and Senate seats are competitive in 2010, as Democrats face the task of running amid unpopular aspects of President Obama's record, especially the health-care reform law that Congress approved in March without a single Republican vote. So far, the tea party movement has forced TARP-embracing Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to go "independent" in his Senate race, to try to survive an insurgent bid by tea party favorite Marco Rubio. In Utah, three-term Sen. Robert Bennett placed a distant third in the state convention this weekend, ending his Washington career. In moderate Maine, the GOP convention over the weekend incorporated into its platform tea party principles such as restoring 10th Amendment protections against federal overreach.So far, the tea party's main effect has been to reject GOP establishment figures such as Senator Bennett and Governor Crist, a sign to many commentators that the Republican Party is being pulled too far to the right. Whether purge or insurrection, a grass-roots movement intent on picking off both moderate Republicans and Democrats is a new page in the history of populist political movements. http://coastalflyrodders.com/phpBB3